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EPIC CAM Pro Camera Case
s00n - 17-11-2007 at 18:37

Hi there. Sorry to be posting from cold as it were but I have a feeling there might be some avid surface sports videographers on this forum and I am looking to make a quick sale for a brand new EPIC CAM Pro camera case. I bought it from the US but due to other commitments I am going to have to sell it without ever having used it... I have tested it in the bath tub and its 100% water tight and ready to rock... Its the pro model and you can find out more on epics website here its worth about 300 quid but I am happy to let it go for 120.00 as i really need to sell it soon (as much as it pains me). It'll fit most any video camera up to a Canon XM2... Here's some pics...

Anyhow I am 100% genuine and would be very happy to hear from anyonje who is willing to make an offer. You can contact me via my hobby site using the mail form or you can mail me on

Thanks guys.