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leonardo - 15-1-2008 at 08:29

Wind took a while to kick in, but tis now finally roaring every arvo. Bought a SS Fuel 7m & 9m and been riding most arvo's at Big Bay along with Kevin Langeree, Lewis Crathern, Ruben Len10 & Aaron, Totally sick! Ruben is throwing some totally insane kiteloops in 35 knots with off-axis 3's thrown in for extra measure! They really step your riding up to another level. Managing powered flat 3's and powered loops in big wind now which is all good. Merry XMAS and a Happy new 2008 to all you bloodclots MAHN!!!


leonardo - 15-1-2008 at 08:29

leonardo - 15-1-2008 at 08:30

leonardo - 15-1-2008 at 08:30

leonardo - 15-1-2008 at 08:31

leonardo - 15-1-2008 at 08:32

leonardo - 15-1-2008 at 08:33

leonardo - 15-1-2008 at 08:35

Over and out.

chris - 15-1-2008 at 11:45

ting and all dat.

looks the biz. glad you sorted your self out with a couple of killer kites. looking forward to seeing some of those flat 3's in troon in the spring. laters gezzeer

jon d hat - 15-1-2008 at 17:55

Great flicks Bok, conditions looking sweeet man and was that a HP you is sneekin in there

Enjoy bro!! Hope the Dane is well. Catch you all soon..

col123 - 15-1-2008 at 21:34

hey Leo in the first picture your not looking at the kite...that's were your going wrong..........

were not jealous honest

Pluto - 17-1-2008 at 21:27

Glad to see you've got your self some proper kites at last dude - looks like they've upped your riding too!!

Shame the same idea doesn't work for me! Have fun fella...

Jonny - 17-1-2008 at 23:14

Awesome pics Leo
very jealous. Have fun!