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Railey or Gayley?
dunk - 27-3-2008 at 12:21

Well at least its unhooked!


Pluto - 30-3-2008 at 21:02

Nice one Dunk!!

shem - 30-3-2008 at 21:40

Nice shot dunk, shame you lose points for the gimp mask, (or gain points depending on your inclination, hhmm hhmm Col)

col123 - 31-3-2008 at 19:42




Oh poo iv'e come un hooked


dunk - 1-4-2008 at 09:21

Its not a picture of you Col

col123 - 1-4-2008 at 14:33

i never put... stylee,

it'd be me then

dunk - 1-4-2008 at 17:25

Lol, I thought you'd be more crash and burn

On that note, how's your knee???????

col123 - 3-4-2008 at 10:35

knackered knee and ankle ligaments, Doc just told me if i want to have healthy joints, give up kite surfing and enduro bikes, !!!!!

but he also said hell your only on this planet once, build muscle back up in quads and get out there...

out of action for three weeks minimum, .

.i'll be back and show you a proper gailey...i mean railey..

I asked about knee braces and in his opinion it just masks the problem creating longer term damage, best thing is cycling and rowing, swimming etc, low impact stuff....

mmmmmm time for a new toy then.specialized enduro anyone!!

Spooker - 3-4-2008 at 12:21

Got one thanks Col - enduro that is - buy one and I'll show you how to use it.

Really, really (really) sorry to hear about your failing health.

No - really.

You won't be needing that 12m 666 for a while tho......

perhaps I could prevent it from getting dusty?

dunk - 3-4-2008 at 12:26

Enough of the banter,

I'd agree with most of what the Doc says, but be careful swimming breaststoke, its not good for knees.

Also I don't see any harm wearing a support just to kite.

I tore my knee ligerments badly a few years ago.My lower leg went to 90 degrees, sideways! My Knee was in a brace from hip to ankle, it was locked straight for a couple of weeks. Then they kept moving a pin which allowed my Knee to move a little more at a time. At the time I though I'd never get full movement back. I was in the brace for 6 months although they did shorten it to about the the size of a normal knee brace after a couple of months.

When I started sailing again, I wore my brace, in fact I think I wore it for about a year after to sail. It gave me a lot more confidence knowing I had some extra lateral support.

Good luck with your recovery, and hope to see you on the water soon.


Oh and hopefully see you in Medano!