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Weather Experience?
Owen (decker) - 9-4-2003 at 18:18

Alan? Whens that review gonna be on this site? The way things are going the new videos gonna be done before theres even 1 review for the old one. E-mail me or sommit.

justal - 9-4-2003 at 19:55

Sorry Owen... I'm living in a caravan with no running water and only enough electricity for three lights at a time at the mo, so things are a bit slow on the website updating front.

However, I have watched Weather Experience and the editing is cool... How did you do that bit with the slats of the bench!
The skating is good too, and overall its a very professional looking video. I only wish someone could make one of us windsurfing. For your next one it would be good to get some really good skaters on ramps, just to add a bit of variety to the street skating. But other than that I can't really fault it... Good job.

Just so that people know, they can contact you on 07778 536516 or ]e-mail you if they are interested in getting some video editing done or want info on the 'Weather Experience' Skating video, which is available at Hot & Glassy surf and skate store in Haverfordwest.


Owen (decker) - 10-4-2003 at 17:36

If you want me to go out and do some windsurf footage out wherever I would definately do it, but you'd have to sort me out with my expenses, eg. fuel and tapes. And usually if the filming itself is short I don't charge anything cos its good to get out, but editing I do charge for cos its boring, but I always make sure I do a good job and that the person who I'm making the video for is happy with it.