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Pirates ahoy... !
Loxley - 30-4-2009 at 12:27

Behold me hearties, beware the invasion of tyrannical ( or is that comical ) Pirates who will be swarthy and ruthless ( probably drunk and debauched ) in the general environs of Ynyslas and Borth to wish Andy and Cath a bon voyage as they head off to sunnier climes for the next few months. Drinking, dancing and general merriment await this bank holiday weekend.

Spooker - 30-4-2009 at 13:08


mNeil - 30-4-2009 at 14:44

the black pig is still awaiting the return of its brain from germanica and therefore unable to move as yet, fingers crossed it arrives friday.

Fart Boy - 30-4-2009 at 16:35

I shall be around

Will the gate be open as I will have my caneo up top

Kitefish - 30-4-2009 at 17:12

Ooh Aarrgh not forgetting this be a dual party to celebrate the inpending entry to true middle age for one very peterpan like Kitefish. So you must be there Bluebeard.
Have a large possie of extras from the Shire also beaching it with us this weekend.

Loxley - 1-5-2009 at 08:35

You are the surprise act Chris, don't want you peaking too soon !

I have packed gas bbq and heater incase the more thin blooded feel the chill and have a new enclosed awning 3m square as well, so will be covered for all weather possibilities.

Have also packed a load of the giant chinese lanterns to release in the evening and a few fireworks left over from New Years.

Collecting the new boat we have bought tonight on the way over. Its a 4.3m inflatable with a 25hp engine. Should be enough for a run around the bay pulling the kneeboard and the ringo.

See you later tonight.