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50Km Kitesurf GPS track
snoozer11 - 15-9-2010 at 23:39

Epic day today and I had my gps tracker... was quite surprised to find I'd done over 50Km. />
blue bits are <10kts
Purple 10-20
yellow 20-30

Sadly google maps nice blue sea wasn't nice and blue today it was mostly white !
Kiting and gadgets... Bliss

Anyone have any recommendations for free software to analyse this kind of .gpx data?


justal - 16-9-2010 at 05:56

You can upload it to somewhere like Garmin Conect or many of the other free sites out there. Sportstracklive is really good as it breaks your speed up into 100m, 200m, 500m, 1 mile chunks etc.

I use both of those and an application on my Mac called Ascent

Take a look at Sportstracklive first though as it seems to be the best suited to windsurfing / kitesurfing. Here's my track from yesterday:

There is also a gps-kitesurfing site as well:


snoozer11 - 16-9-2010 at 08:52

Thanks Al that brilliant - just what I was after.


justal - 16-9-2010 at 09:00

No problem - And well done on the 50km - I only did 44 km yesterday, but then it was only a short session.


snoozer11 - 16-9-2010 at 10:48

Yeah - I was out for several hours, but nowhere near as long as last Saturday, but I didn't have the tracker then... Tempted to go out today, but really need to catch up on some work - nearly forgotten about that with all this great weather we having lately Hoping for a enough wind to get out at the weekend...

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justal - 21-5-2011 at 08:44

Did you start using any of these Snoozer? Where are your stats?


snoozer11 - 21-5-2011 at 22:48

Yeah... I havn't really bothered to take it out with me...

Did take it on a flight the other week though:

Will try and get some stats from now on !