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Kitesurfing or kiters in Aberystwyth
Kiri - 6-9-2018 at 18:39

Hey Guys,
I will be studying in the university of aberystwyth, and i was wondering where the best places are to kite.
Is there anyone actually physically in aberystwyth who kites there regularly or is it not a good spot to kite on.
I would prefer something as close to the university as possible as i am a student Any information on the spot would be helpful
Thanks again

Blaschito - 7-9-2018 at 07:58

Hi Kiri,

The main spot here is Borth/Ynyslas which is 15/20 minutes drive from Aberystwyth. I have been out in south beach at Aberystwyth few times and some people also kited in North beach as well however best spot is Borth/ynyslas especially with regards to safety (e.g. rocks, space, launching/landing the kite etc.). There are few people kitesurfing and windsurfing who are locals. Many peps come from the midlands during summer time and it gets quite busy sometimes when its windy. Autumn and winter times is quieter (in terms of number of people) with mostly locals kiting windsurfing during this time of the year. People have the tendency to post in this forum and also on the local KSW SUP & KITE on facebook. Moreover if you want live stats on wind, you can subscribe on this forum for the live from the spot weather station service. There is a very small fee but its a great service and helps the weather station running!

Hope this helps.

justal - 8-9-2018 at 12:36

Thanks for the weather station plug.... It all helps to keep it running as it does cost quite a bit to maintain - I do like having it here though.

You'll love it at Uni here Kiri. Plenty of opportunity to get out on the water and there'll be plenty of people able to give you a lift to and from Borth/Ynyslas. You could even jump on the bus / train with your kit if needed! Although having your own car would help in that matter.

I came to Aber Uni in 1994, swayed mainly by the sea and wind... As you can imagine I finished my degree many years ago, but have stayed here ever since as it's too good to leave. I built this website, built a house by the beach, now work at the Uni and still get in the sea most days of the year. It's the perfect spot - just don't tell everyone!!!


Kiri - 13-9-2018 at 12:46

Perfect cant wait to get to Aberystwyth it sounds amazing, i will definitely check out borth and Ynyslas as soon as i get there, and the weather station sound like a very good idea.
Thank you both for the information !