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Beach Guide posting
ajdesq - 28-10-2006 at 21:24

Hmmm.. I just submitted 2 beach guides for Camber but they didn't appear... does something have to be done to them before they appear? And I've got some swanky pix to accompany them but cannot for the life of me find a link or a way of uploading them. Or am I just being thick?

justal - 28-10-2006 at 21:26

Give me a chance.... I have to approve them first otherwise we end up with peopel submitting the same beach over and over again and people submitting inaccurate info etc.

Wouldn't want to do that otherwise Forces-of-Nature would be publishing info as inaccurate as that published about Borth and Ynyslas on Boardseeker Mag!!


justal - 28-10-2006 at 21:31

There you go, they have been approved, now lets see these 'swanky pix'

Thanks for the listings, we need more from the areas I'm not too familiar with.


ajdesq - 28-10-2006 at 21:59

I see! It's just that there's nothing to say that there may be a delay before the reports are uploaded, so thickos like me might think that it's not 'gone through' properly.

More work, Al!

justal - 29-10-2006 at 05:17

Actually... After posting a beach description you are shown a page that says:

Your beach has been added to the database and will be available in the Forces-of-Nature Beachguide as soon as an Administrator has approved it.
Please select the following link to Submit Another Listing or return to the BeachGuide Home