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droping out
kaiyker - 30-7-2002 at 10:21

I always thought sufers were supposed to be cool. Why is it that there always moaning when i turn up at a break with my boat and then catch more waves than them and have a better time. i think its time they grew up.....

NatB - 1-8-2002 at 09:44

Surfers are generally cool. The thing you have to remember is you are entering a clicky tribe. You are instantly the outsider as your not part of the board riding clan and as a result will need to work harder for their respect.

Non Surfers think surfing is about going out and catching any wave you want. It isnt it is more complicated than that.

There is a pecking order at every surf beach regardless of nationality or location in the world. There are unritten rules that surfers abide by. If these are broken you loose respect, wont get any waves and at the very worst beaten up (i have seen it before).

The thing to remember is the person riding closest to the breaking part of the wave automatically gets priority. If you or any other surfer trys to take the same wave and interferes with his wave it is considered stealing. Respect the rider and he will respect you. Non surfers seem to have problems understanding this.

This is my simple procedure for riding waves at an unknown new beach. I am automatically the outsider.

I will sit on the beach and watch, takeing note of the good guys, whose getting all the waves, whose being aggresive, whose dropping in, whose floudering. When I am happy I will paddle out being extremely careful as to not get in the way. Gradually working my way to the peak and wait. Let the good guys get their waves and take the ones behind. Repect the locals and they will eventually respect you. When you have their respect you can then competeing with them. Unfortunately Goat boaters dont get a lot of respect they are all tared with the same brush. They are considered uncontrollable bit of flotsome they are dangerous and the rider has little knowledge of wave etiquette. You have your work cut out but follow the above rules and will get respect/ Good Luck Hope that helps