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Grrrr... Why is it so dark
justal - 4-1-2005 at 07:51

I'm sure it has been light at around 7.30am the last few days, so I was planning a pre-work session this morning as it's 25 knots out there, but its now almost 8am and its still completely dark out there.

Grrr... Looks like I shall have to go to work without getting my fix.


shem - 4-1-2005 at 07:59

Im waiting as well, been up since 7 waiting for light.

SeanBo - 10-1-2005 at 00:11

Why do I have the job I have? When you two were posting these messages I had already been on the road for about 45mins and I do not get home until about 8:30 PM either
Oh well, at least I have a job, unlike this time last year!