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justal - 15-7-2015 at 17:31

Looks like it could be a good day for Ivor in the morning.


alistair - 16-7-2015 at 04:53

Heading down ...

justal - 16-7-2015 at 04:57

He's not up to much yet....


justal - 16-7-2015 at 07:29

He just started to blow as I was leaving for a swim and weather station seems to suggest that he is still putting on a bit of show. Hope you had a good one Alistair?

I went swimming in Aberystwyth and was treated to a swim with the dolphins. They came to within a few feet of us and a mother and baby swam right beneath us - pretty special!


alistair - 16-7-2015 at 10:54

I had a good session thanks with enough wind for my 6.5.

No dolphins though - just a few jellyfish. It sounds like you had a great swim. If dolphins were guaranteed I would be more tempted by the early morning swims.

snoozer11 - 16-7-2015 at 15:42

Missed the estuary this morning but is anyone going out on the seafront tomorrow/sat ?


justal - 16-7-2015 at 17:17

Hoping to get out on Saturday at some point as the wind is looming pretty good at the mo. Shame I won't have time tomorrow though as it looks evening better on Friday afternoon.


alistair - 16-7-2015 at 18:33

I'm probably going to Llanrhystud as it should be more cross shore. Looking good and windy on the forecast