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justal - 28-4-2016 at 13:24

At last, after what seems like years I've finally got back out windsurfing. First on Monday in 25 knots NW winds (, then again on Tuesday in slightly stronger NNW winds.

It now looks as though I might be able to get out again this afternoon. Will anyone else be heading out today?


justal - 28-4-2016 at 17:12

Well, as my diary entry says - It was plenty windy enough when I got home with gusts touching 40 knots so headed over to the beach with my little wave board and a 5m and 4.5m sail. Rigged the 4.5m as it was blowing a hoolie but the wind dropped as soon as I hit the water and there just wasn't enough. Not even enough if I;d rigged the 5m so rather than head home and get bigger kit I headed home and went for a run instead - that was equally as lack lustre too.

Guess what, now that I'm writing this its blowing a hoolie again. In fact it's now 45 knots!!! Grrr...

justal - 28-4-2016 at 17:22

Here's the proof

alistair - 28-4-2016 at 18:38

It was a bit extreme today but all good fun

Blaschito - 30-4-2016 at 09:15

Hi Al seems like the weather station is stuck to this morning time? Glad to hear you back on the water!

justal - 30-4-2016 at 21:22

Yeah.... The weather station is OK, it's our Internet playing up as usual.... It's taken me several attempts to post this now as it's just too slow!!!