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Anyone out today
justal - 30-4-2017 at 05:04

Strong SE's this morning.

Anyone sailing off the seafront in Ynyslas?


Blaschito - 30-4-2017 at 06:57

Estuary in a bit

justal - 30-4-2017 at 07:24

Yeah, I was hoping for some more swell off the seafront for some down the line wave riding but there's not much there and it the wind was more offshore than I was hoping. Estuary might be a better bet, although wind is very gusty and dropping off a little already.


justal - 1-5-2017 at 05:08

I didn't bother in the end - spent my day baking brownies and rodding the drains! I could see your kite from the garden though and I hear someone (a windsurfer) was rescued by the Aberdyfi Lifeboat too?


Blaschito - 1-5-2017 at 22:33

yeah wind was up and down as expected but plenty of power..water super choppy which did not allowed for any speed build up to try things..anyway good to be out...

I saw a lifeboat but I did not know that was all about!! More easterly this week but I am away..enjoy