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Weather station rotated with Hannah?
alistair - 27-4-2019 at 17:06

Th weather station is currently reporting northerly winds whereas it appears to be generally westerly in Aber and the rest of Wales with a few places WNW. Has storm Hannah blown the weather station round through 90 degrees? Or your whole house?!

Blaschito - 28-4-2019 at 12:13

heheheeh I was wondering that too yesterday as it was showing N but when I was on the water it was a WNW

justal - 29-4-2019 at 14:35

No, all is facing in the right direction.... I did just go out with a compass to double check though!!


alistair - 29-4-2019 at 14:46

Looks like it has sorted itself out but for a while it was stuck on N. Very strange!

Blaschito - 29-4-2019 at 17:56

Hahahahah good to know about the compass ahahahhahahaha

Blaschito - 15-5-2019 at 06:38

Alan the weather station seems to be stuck since last evening.