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Blaschito - 26-6-2019 at 19:27

Does anyone know (I should have known it by now!!) if at very low tide the channel between ynyslas and aberdify can be sailed (kite) on easterly wind?


justal - 27-6-2019 at 04:30

Yes it can, but the main channel itself is quite small at low tide so you wouldn't have much of a reach to sail in... The channel on the Ynyslas side is a better bet as it runs in a more N-S direction so gives you a longer reach at low tide.

The currents can get quite strong too, but if it's wind against tide that can actually give you an extra few knots of apparent wind.


Blaschito - 27-6-2019 at 19:51

Thanks Alan, i think I will not risk losing my board and will play in the bigger area at higher tide. Did you get out, it was blowing very hard today! Planning to get out tomorrow afternoon if it keeps blowing

justal - 28-6-2019 at 10:42

No, I was working and have a race on Sunday so don't want to risk injury!! It's been blowing a hoolie though.

You'd be fine in the channel. I used to windsurf in it all the time.


Blaschito - 28-6-2019 at 20:55

Thanks Al I shall give a go, its been a good couple of days, we are lucky with the estuary