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justal - 26-4-2007 at 19:49

The weather station PC now has a new hard drive that I have on a temporary loan and is back up and running.... I'm not sure how healthy the rest of the machine is so I shall be keeping an eye on things and will probably have to take it offline for a short time again at some point in order to replace the temporary hard drive with a more permanent one, but at the moment (touch wood) it is working...

Some of the historical data seems to have gone missing, but don't worry, it hasn't really as all of that is stored on the server, it is just that the script that generates the menu to provide access to the historical data has got a little confused so it doesn't quite know what is and isn't there... If it doesn't sort itself at at the end of the month when it updates the historical listings I shall take a look at it and see if I can manually fix it.

Neil... I'll still take the PC off you that you offered (and have in the van to bring down tomorrow) as this one is obviously on its way out so a spare / replacement would be good.


mNeil - 26-4-2007 at 20:21

will drop it off when i arrive in the evening Al

justal - 1-5-2007 at 20:57

Thanks for the PC Neil... I haven't had time to set it up and install everything on it, but it looks as though it should be better than the one the weather station is currently running on, so hopefully I'll be able to get it up and running and simply transfer all the data from the current one to the new one.

The historical data (see post above) didn't update itself automatically at the end of the month, so I have just spent some time transferring it all manually and getting it uploading properly to the web.... Hoepfully by the time you red this it should all be online again and you will have access to the monthly historical reports back to Dec 2005....

The monthly average temps so far this year make interesting reading. Unfortunately the downtime durigng April means most of the data for that month is currently missing, but I shall see if I can track it down!