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alistair - 11-6-2015 at 07:02

How is Ivor this week? I'm wondering if he is likely to be blowing at 4pm today for an after work session. Missing the weather station.

justal - 11-6-2015 at 08:51

Maybe, although he is usually an early morning phenomenon as he is powered by relatively cold air in the hills sinking down into the valley and being sucked out through the estuary by the relatively warm air above the sea - the opposite of a sea breeze really but with the added benefit of gravity... He was certainly blowing this morning.

If anything, the warm temperatures forecast for this afternoon may negate the easterly wind forecast as a sea breeze may well develop which will be from the NW and will therefore counteract the Easterly wind in the late afternoon.

If you want to get Ivor at his best you need to be there early in the morning, whereas NW sea breezes tend to develop for a couple of hours from 3pm-5pm if it gets warm enough.


alistair - 11-8-2015 at 13:14

I wonder if Ivor will blow Wednesday or Thursday morning for a pre-work session? It is high tide and forecast is for E/NE winds and sunny on Wednesday at least.

justal - 11-8-2015 at 15:52

Probably seeing as I've arranged to meet people in Aber for a swim at 6:30am!! Had a nice windsurf session yesterday though, and a surf today so can't complain too much.


alistair - 12-8-2015 at 09:31

Ivor didn't appear to be blowing when I had to decide though it looks as though he picked up a bit when it was too late.

Not sure about tomorrow, there is more wind forecast but it is also cloudy so he may still stay away.

justal - 13-8-2015 at 05:20

He's blowing this morning.


alistair - 13-8-2015 at 07:20

I didn't make it today as it looked uncertain when I first woke and I had a thick headache. A shame to miss it

justal - 15-8-2015 at 06:27

Nor did I as we were heading off up to North Wales.... He'll be back.