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New Toys
justal - 30-3-2007 at 17:18

It seems like ages since I bought any new toys and now all of a sudden we all seem to be at it...

Steve has apparently bought a new board.. He went into the shop to get a new boom and came out with an F2 Stoke 107... I too was looking at an F2 Stoke earlier this week, but have also found a 2nd hand Starboard S-Type 104 or sale, so may be getting that in a couple of weeks...

I couldn't be outdone by Steve though so I have also ordered a new boom, well two actually just to be on the safe side... My previous booms have all snapped at the poit where the front end joins the main arms, so I decided to go for a monocoque design this time. I was going to go for a carbon boom, but at around 200 they are twice the price of aluminium booms and just as likely to snap, so I though two aluminium booms would cost the same as one single carbon boom and would last twice as long. Also it meant I could buy two different sizes so will never need to use them with too much extension so they should be almost as stiff as the carbon option...

I also ordered a carbon extension and a couple of sets of harness lines.... You can't beat some retail therapy when there's no wind!!


badexcuseforasailor - 30-3-2007 at 17:26

Ive got some new grip on my Axxis does that count as a new toy? Oh and a new uj and some down haul as well

Impi - 30-3-2007 at 17:34

Good on ya. The car is already packed for a real early start tomorrow. Now the wind better show. C U at dawn.

justal - 30-3-2007 at 17:35

Certainly does.... I got some new downhaul the other week and it makes rigging so much easier!!!

Did Phil speak to you today BEFS?? He said he would give you a ring as it looks as though you may be acting as a courier service for us next weekend!!


badexcuseforasailor - 30-3-2007 at 18:02

Yep Spoke to Phill I will have my courier cap on next weekend

justal - 30-3-2007 at 19:06

Originally posted by Impi
Good on ya. The car is already packed for a real early start tomorrow. Now the wind better show. C U at dawn.

I hope so too.... I have a client coming round to see me at 11am so have to be back home and at work before then, but if there's wind 'm planning on being out there pretty early... Pop in on your way past Impi (if my car is there).. If it isn't there I'm already on da beach!


AndyW - 31-3-2007 at 14:49

hmmm seems like something is in the air, I've been saving up my petrol money by not driving to the coast for 3 months and on Thursday bought a new Fanatic Eagle 114, got it yesterday and it looks sweet.... wind range is 5.0m - 8.0m

Should be trying it out over Easter sometime...


justal - 31-3-2007 at 18:16

I'm still in two minds about the board... Th S-Type felt nice this morning, but is it big enough??


Impi - 1-4-2007 at 03:18

It is a tough call Al. As an early planer there are better out there but once there is just enough wind the 104 launches onto the plane like a rocket. Maybe a slightly wider 100 liter board like the stoke or the s-type 115 is a better option The problem with a 115 litre board is that you are going to want a 7.5m sail to get the most out of it which means more money.

justal - 1-4-2007 at 16:05

Decisions, decisions.... I guess what I REALLY need is a fast 100 litre board and an allround 120 ltr board... Oh and a bigger sail, and some speed sails, and then a small full-on speed board just to break my overall top speed and a super-early planer for summertime cruising in 10 knots.......


badexcuseforasailor - 29-11-2009 at 00:46

Bit of an old thread to drag up but I got some new toys and a new box to put them in

But Im now proper broke

Bought myself a Vivaro, an exercet cross 94 and a Jp supersport 127

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justal - 29-11-2009 at 08:01

Nice.... Think I might have to get some speed kit soon!


shem - 29-11-2009 at 23:25

Ah the old speed specific kit discussion. Every year when we get a few newcing weeks, every one considers getting speed kit. \then no body does, and we forget about it for another year!! Will Al buy kit!

justal - 30-11-2009 at 10:27

Think I need a new wheel for my MTB first! And I've spent far too much money lately.