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Boom recommendations
justal - 6-4-2008 at 07:58

I snapped another boom yesterday and don't seem to be able to find a boom that will last me more than about 6 months...

Does anyone have any recommendations for a strong boom. I need something around 150-200cm and preferably with a narrow diameter grip.

If it has a decent warranty then even better as I will no doubt be using it!


Impi - 6-4-2008 at 10:24

I have heard the Naish Alloy booms are pretty strong. I use Pryde X6's which are pricey but are very good. Like most things, try push your budget as much as you can and buy the best you can afford. Sometimes the extra 100 is worth it after 2- 3 years of solid use.

justal - 6-4-2008 at 10:30

The Naish booms are the same as the aeron ones as far as I know... Made in the same factory at least.

I've always been a bit reluctant to buy ones that are too expensive as I think I'd probably snap those too. If I could be sure they were stronger then I'd pay the extra but I'm not convinced that they are any stronger.

The Chinook booms are supposed to be good though, so i might try one of those next.


Impi - 6-4-2008 at 13:26

Chinook are like the price of a new board but have a very good reputation. Maybe it is about time you stopped using those tiny 22inch harness lines so add some longer ones in the deal as well.

Good luck with the shopping.

justal - 6-4-2008 at 14:51

Chinook aren't that expensive.... 149 for a Wave boom.


sarge - 6-4-2008 at 15:36

which part snapped al was it the tube itself or at a connection point

kelvin - 6-4-2008 at 16:26

ok Al like you I sail a lot .
only use 1 boom
and use it untill it breaks .
have tried and broke loads , usually snap the outgoing side arm as its the side that takes the jump abuse .
The north ali ones usually lasted a yr the last one broke in a weird place where it broke off either side of the harness line .
Been running a prolimit full carbon last yr or more so its going well .
Local shop (puravida) had the Naish Ct ones 110 I think ! look ok few boys using them aint seen one go yet .

Think if you sail loads , jump etc its going to break after a yr .

justal - 6-4-2008 at 17:07

Sort of what I thought kelvin... I probably use my boom more in 6 months than most people do in 3 years so I guess they are likely to break sooner.

I was just hoping there might be a certain boom that would last a bit longer, but if not then there is little point spending more on a more expensive one.

Impi... Since when have you been a harness-line length snob!... Mine are only 20 inches BTW not 22!


kelvin - 6-4-2008 at 18:09

yup you got it Al .
me current boom was 150 2nd hand used less than 10 times .
Booms killed
pryde's several inc a full carbon one
Tushinham branded model
North several
MK travell
Maui Magic (clamp fails )
Hpl (two off )

guys I sail with one what you been breaking (gun ) he sails occasionally and has had his booms at least 3yrs !

another on pro limits as he was getting em cheap sails as much as me , boom/yr ...

its all down the the use in my opinion ! north was my top choice for a while because they where a good price .

justal - 6-4-2008 at 18:54

Might just stick with what I've been using then which have been either Aeron or TecknoSport (I haven't used a Gun boom for years actually), but at least I can all of those for less than 100.. Although, the chinook is still a possibility as they do have a good reputation..

As long as it has a years warranty then I suppose I'll get it replaced once it snaps anyway!


Impi - 7-4-2008 at 09:42

RE: Harness Lines
Longer is better cause my wife told me so or am I getting confused on what she was on about. Seriously though I have just gone up from fairly short 24's to longer 28's and have found it much better all round. It might be worth giving it a go considering you might not find 20'' any more with the current trend of longer is better. Could short lines be a reason for breaking booms when landing jumps hooked in?

justal - 7-4-2008 at 10:39

Yep... Points taken my next set of lines will be adjustable so that I can experiment with a bit of extra length!


mNeil - 7-4-2008 at 10:47

come on Al whats wrong with good old british steel? you could get Steve bus to knock you up a set!

justal - 7-5-2008 at 10:15

Justb a quick update to let you know that both my Aeron booms have been replaed under warranty with brand spanking new ones!

Apparently there was a fault with the first batch and they were liable to snap at the front end where there was a weak spot. I've been told this was soon rectified and therefore my booms have been replaced. As usual, Blue Chip were great and sorted it all out for me and all was replaced without any quibble. They must be getting fed up if me sending things back under warranty though!


roughjaw - 16-6-2009 at 12:12

Hi Al (and anyone else)

how are those narrow grip Aeron booms holding up?

Is there much of a difference (feel and durability) between them and the larger grip booms?


justal - 16-6-2009 at 13:25

I love the feel of them, but I do keep snapping them!

Others have been OK with them and they seem to last well for everyone else, I'm just unlucky with booms it seems.


AndyW - 16-6-2009 at 16:17

I recently bought one and really like it. It seems to be stiffer than my previous HPL and the narrow grip is good. Appears to be really solid, however, far too early to comment on it's longevity.