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Speed Kit
justal - 12-2-2010 at 10:31

I'm on the prowl for some speed kit... Anyone got anything for sale.

Something like an Starboard iSonic Speed or similar. probably around the 70-75 litre range.

Ivor is on his way in the estuary and I need some kite to make the most of it!


col123 - 12-2-2010 at 13:34

isn't it just a teaspoon and a lighter and some shady back street dealings

Impi - 12-2-2010 at 15:40


Are you looking for a small slalom board or an actual speed board? You are welcome to give my Fanatic speed board a go when I am down next. I was hoping for some wind tomorrow but it looks a bit poor even with the Ivor effect built in.

justal - 12-2-2010 at 16:08

Probably an actual speed board, but it will all depend on price and availability.

Would be good to have a go on yours one day.. I promise not to beat your top speed on it!!


Impi - 12-2-2010 at 17:18

It would be a shame to beat my top speed but I would not let that happen. Not a chance. Riks has a small slalom board for sale which will be plenty fast enough and more versatile than a full on speed board. A bit pricey though, my Fanatic cost a lot less and it was brand new.

justal - 12-2-2010 at 17:22

Which one have you got???


squiz - 12-2-2010 at 19:59

Hi Justal

a friend of mine has this forsale

Impi - 13-2-2010 at 05:19

I have the fanatic falcon speed. 48cm wide and 68 litres but then I do also have a sonic 95 slalom board. I just wish we get some wind soon.

justal - 13-2-2010 at 06:43

Oooh, that sounds interesting, I may have to look into it.

I'm still undecided whether to go for something around 53cm wide and 75 litres such as a fast slalom board or big speed board or a little smaller such as 48cm. What do you reckon?


Impi - 14-2-2010 at 06:18

Dont forget sails. To hit the big 40 you are going to need a full on slalom/speed sail or two.

justal - 14-2-2010 at 08:23

Yep, don't worry, thinking about a 5.2 and 6.2. Not sure what yet, will see whats available.


Impi - 15-2-2010 at 09:09

Good sizes. Should suite both a speed and small slalom board. With Ivor being quite gusty a small slalom board may be the better option. I suppose it will depend what comes up and how much it costs.

justal - 15-2-2010 at 17:17

Hmmm, have a couple of options now.

Brand new Fanatic Falcon the same as Impi's could be on the cards!!!

Have to get my car fixed first though and then check the funds.


Impi - 15-2-2010 at 18:31

Dont worry about the car. Get the board. I have found it easy to sail and pretty damn quick. Just need some wind already.

justal - 16-2-2010 at 07:34

You've got a point there... Have you sailed it here at Ynyslas? How does it cope with chop.


justal - 16-2-2010 at 11:47

Hmm, now might have a deal on a slighty larger board (80 litres and 55cm wide) Mistral SL Red Dot Team Edition - Obviously that would give me a wider range of conditions in which I could use it, I just don't know how fast it'll be in comparison to a full on speed board such as the Falcon Speed?

Decisions Decisions.


Impi - 17-2-2010 at 17:52

Have you taken the plunge yet?

justal - 18-2-2010 at 06:45

Not yet... Need to get car sorted first so that I can get the boards to the beach.... Notice I said boards (plural!)


Impi - 18-2-2010 at 11:49

BoardSSSSSS sounds better than board.

What are the options in terms of boardssss?

Sounds like a midlife crisis to break 40knots. When are you turning 40 old man.

justal - 19-2-2010 at 06:58

I'm not 40 years young until December, so I have a fair bit of time to hit the big 4-0!

Looks as though the current plan is as follow:
Fanatic Falcon Speed (48cm x 68litres)
Mistral SL Red Dot Team Edition (55cm x 80 litres)
6.3m North Warp
5.2m North Warp

All I'll need then is the ability!


Impi - 19-2-2010 at 07:13

Good choice. I think that all you really need is some wind. This is now getting silly. I have not sailed since late December. Grrrrrrrr.

justal - 19-2-2010 at 07:51

It got to just over 30 knots in the estuary on Wednesday and I was out for a sail last week. There's been wind here, not a lot, but there has been some.


justal - 4-3-2010 at 08:40

The toys are here!!

Boardwise delivered the Fanatic Falcon Speed bard last night for me... They did me a great deal on a brand spanking new one and even drove it out to West Wales for me! So, that's the 'proper' speed board sorted.

I've also got a small slalom board in the form of a Mistral SL Red Dot Team Edition and a 5.2m and 5.3m North Warp thanks to Jim at Puravida Boardriders (who also delivered them to my house in person for me!)

I still need a 430cm mast for the 6.3 sail but I'm running out of money! I also need some wind, some time to use the kit and balls of steel if I'm to hit 40 knots!


Impi - 4-3-2010 at 10:04

Gentleman start your engines. I will be there to show you how it is done of course. What about fins? They are a key part of speed kit, a good fin can add a knot or two in speed.

justal - 4-3-2010 at 10:49

I've got a couple of fins that should be OK... Although not perfect. A 30cm and a 28cm Fanatic Falcon fins... I kight need something a little smaller at some point.

Wind is currently 20-25 knots.. Perfect for the 6.3 but I don't have a mast for that yet... If it fills in a little more by midday I might pop down for a quick try out of the kit with the 5.2m.


Impi - 4-3-2010 at 15:27

Sunday could be tasty if the forecast holds.

justal - 5-3-2010 at 07:03

I can't do SUnday as I'm doing the Mawddach Goldrush.


Impi - 5-3-2010 at 09:13

Already making excuses. Tut tut! Anyway, it sounds like my wife invited me for a walk up the Wrekin with her friends on Sunday without telling me. It could all turn into turmoil.

The way the forecasts are going anything can happen. It now looks like tomorrow could be windy as well.

justal - 5-3-2010 at 15:13

Wind and tides look good for Tuesday morning at the moment.... It's a long way off I know so anything could happen but that looks to be the best bet for me at the mo.


Impi - 9-3-2010 at 07:15

I am coming down today for a sail. It may be windy if the NE wind picks up. Cant be bothered to go to work today.

justal - 9-3-2010 at 07:48

You haven't picked the best day.... Currently about 2 knots out there, but I'll see you later.