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This part of the Forces-of-Nature website is dedicted to my toys and toybox. Part of the fun of indulging in these sports is the huge array of equipment avaiable. Unfortunately I can't afford to have all the latest and greatest equipment, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the toys I do have...I love toys!


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My Toys

In addition to the boards, kites, and sails etc. that I have listed in this section, I also have lots of climbing gear such as ropes, harnesses, and a complete climbing rack, lots of wetsuits, board bags, a snowboard and all the other little bits and pieces that go with these sports.

Als toys

Here I am with a selection of my toys.

My Toybox

In order to take my toys with me wherever I go, I also need a big toybox. My toybox is in the shape of a white Ford Transit van which is converted into a luxury (almost) camper. I have raised the floor so that wet things can go under it, insulated, boarded and carpeted the walls and roof of the back, and have numerous little cupboards, shelves and storage areas. I also have a special place to hang wetsuits so that they can dry overnight. The back of the van also has a really comfortable bed...more comfortable than my bed at home, a stove, stereo, small TV and even a few framed pictures on the wall!!. As a bit of fun I've included a 'Toybox on Tour' page on the website which has photos of my van on various surf trips around the country.

My toybox has died!!! I put it in for an MOT and the chassis had corroded from all the salt water exposure, so much so that I wasn't even allowed to drive it home from the garage. SO, I have a new, bigger and better toybox. This times its a dark blue long wheel base, semi-high top Transit. The inside is kitted out in a similar fashion to the old one, but the extra height has allowed me to raise the floor by about 2 feet, giving enough storage under the floor for 2 sailboards, 2 surf boards a kite-surf board, a mountain board, 6 sails, two booms, four masts, 2 kites and all the other bits and pieces necessary for these sports. Sunken cupboards are again present under the floor, and the whole of the van is well insulated with loft insulation. There is a tiled waterproof box above which my wetsuits can dry in a special cubicle. This time there is a changing area which is quite a luxury in the winter months. All the 'living quarters' are luxuriously carpeted and once again there is a second battery under the bonnet which powers the second stereo, small TV, lights and any appliances I plug into the cigarette lighter power point in the back. Two big crates accessible from the changing area provide extra storage space for tools during the week and for cooking equipment etc. when we go away... Perfect!
Hopefully some photos of the vans interior and of the new toybox on tour will be coming soon.


Anna in the back of my toybox, Nant-Y-Moch, West Wales.

New Toybox

The new Toybox, Ynyslas, West Wales.

Toybox Design

I've now got some photos of the new toybox, so I can tell you all how it is laid out. First, the van is a 'N' Reg Ford Transit, Long Wheel Base, Semi-Hi Top, 2.5l Diesel. It has a full length galvanised roofrack for those things that won't fit inside. Inside, almost all of the back (which is 10ft long by 6 ft wide) has been divided vertically into two by a raised floor with strong slats underneath, a flooring grade chipboard surface which is then carpetted. The side and roof are also all boarded out with thick rockwool insulation behind them and then carpeted. The photo to the right shows a rear view of this raised floor.

Raised Floor

Rear view of my new van with raised floor and underfloor storage area.

The raised floor means that there is plenty of underfloor storage for things that get wet. I've divided this area into two large compartments, one runs the full length of the van, while the other two are slightly shorter. Theres ample room for storing most of my toys in here and at present it houses 3 sailboards (two wave boards and a 265 slalom board), two surfboards, a kitesurf board, 8 sails, 2 booms, 2 kites and numerous other bits and pieces such as kite pump, fins, helmet, tools, windsurf fittings and a few work items too. The photos to the right show these underfloor storage areas empty and fully loaded. The areas are fully waterproofed to hopefully reduce rusting, but thats very hopeful!


Underfloor storage area.


Underfloor storage area, fully loaded.

To the sides of the underfloor storage area, there are smaller areas for storing items such as roof rack straps, wax and mast extensions. The can't extend the whole length of the van becasue of the wheel arches, but on the drivers side I have put in place 6 van length drainpipes in which I store my masts. See photo to the right.

Mast holders

Mast holders along drivers side of van.

The van has a side-loading door on the passenger side, so just inside this there is a 3 foot square area in which the floor hasn't been raise. This allows for changing room in which I can stand up and shelter from the winter elements whilst getting myself into and out of my wetsuit... Luxury! This area also allows access to two crates which slide in underneath the raised floor and contain cooking equipment, clothes, towels amd other essentials for trips away. You can see this changing area and the two crates in the photo to the right, you can also just make out the stove.


Changing area and storage crates.

Next to the changing area is a wetsuit drying cubcile which is tiled with ceramic bathroom tiles and has a drainage hole in the bottom to allow water to escape. The cubcicle is surrounded by a shower curtain and has a rail above it on which I can hang my wetsuits up to dry overnight....Result....Dry wetsuits in the morning, now that IS a luxury!.

Wetsuit drying

Westusit drying area.

Above the raised floor is the 'living quarters', which are kept completely dry and sand free at all times!! (well, most of the time). Usually there is a double bed in the back which is the most comfortable bed in the world, but it had been taken out for these photos. The whole area is carpetted and nicely finsished in a tasteful blue colour. There are sloping panels between the roof and the side panels which have a couple of flourescent lights in them and speakers for the second stereo. All the electrics run off a auxiliary battery under the bonnet. Also in the 'living quarters' is a table area with storage compartments underneath it. This also houses the stove, stereo and a cigarette lighter to power the television and any other electronic travel items we care to take with us. As you can see from the photo on the right, there is even a few framed pictures on the wall!
There are also a couple of hidden undefloor storage areas sunk into the floor and accessed from the 'living quarters' in which other travel items can be stored. These are also well protected and remain cool so cold beer can be stored quite nicely in them.



Finally, there is also storage areas for repair equipment behind the passenger seat and map pockets behind the drivers seat. These boxes also house a third set of speakers. There is also an access hatch to the underfloor area behind the drivers seat to allow access to the gas cylinders for the stove. And, in case you were wondering why I need such a big van, well take a look at the photo to the right, all of this stuff is housed in it all the time...Excluding the Renault 5 of course!

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