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Author: Subject: Warning: "For Sale" cheque scammers!

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posted on 17-2-2007 at 16:05 Reply With Quote
Warning: "For Sale" cheque scammers!

Just want ot warn you all. The for sale section of this site is being trawled by cheque scammers, i.e. the classic nigerian cheque scam. I have had about half a dozen offers for my kites, all of which want to pay only by cheque.
Warning NEVER allow buyers to pay by cheque (or at least anything but a personal cheque). and well it speaks for itself, here is the latest:

"Thanks for your swift response.I'm self-ok with the price given.

Consecutively,for the means of payment am using Cheque,co's it will turn out to real cash,so the Cheque will be Delivered to you Packagely by Courier your Door-step.And for the shipping of the (Naish Torch 12m (2005).I'll be forwarding you my personal address where you will post it.And I do promise you that you will definitely enjoy doing business with me.

Furthermore,my Client is Residing in UK,he's owing me a sum of money and he will be Issuing a Cheque Sum of £2400 and you will be deducting your own money from it which is £220 and you will be sending the remaining balance to my personal assistant that monitors my A/C.

Moreso,let me have your Full name which the Cheque will be made payable to your mailing address where it will be sent to, including your Cell Phone Number or any Number that I will be able to reach you at given time.I hope this is stated to you Clearly and understanding,
Stay Bless...

PS:I will want you to kindly put SOLD on the advert from the placing site..ok, or any interested buyer that mail you,just let them know that it has been sold...ok,so for doing that I will be willing to compensate you with £100,so your total deduction will be £320.


Moses.." (


The reason this works for them is that the cheques often CLEAR in your bank account. Thay are usually form a Irish building society - and consequently it can take months for the bank to realise it is counterfiet. Your lovely bank will then remove the full funds from your account and even acuse you of the fraud. While you have paid out the extra money and lost your goods.
BE WARNED - i advise a new system on this site for selling or just use PMs.

be good, be safe

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posted on 8-8-2007 at 19:44 Reply With Quote
Thanks a lot for the warning, it just happend to me... but your toppic I read two days ago get me straight out!

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posted on 9-2-2008 at 19:31 Reply With Quote
cheque scam

hi ive had a scam on my kite here is copy of emailGood day scott morley,
Thanks for the mail and the brife explianation,i am very sorry forgetting back to you so late I had to enquire if this is okay by my customer and she did made me understand that the condition is okay by her and he had agree to pay you ( £550.00 ) as or payment I have an associate who I will instruct to issue out payment to you , I will instruct him to Issue out payment to out Cheque so that we can complete this deal as soon as possible.I will instruct him to issue out the sum of ( £3,200 ) this will cover it's price and the shipping,as soon as the payment is in your possesion i will like you to deduct it's price and wire the rest balance to my shipping agent that will arrange for the pick up .. So i will like you to get back to me with your full name and contact address as to where payment will be sent to,is as follow ....
FULL NAME..............
STATE ......
CELL PHONE........#
Your immediate reasponse will be highly be appreciated. pls do forward it to me

NBlease i will like you to go ahead and delete the advertisment from the internet because am really interested to purchase the items from your side andget back to me with your full details request sooner.
I need your quick response..
Kind Regards was sent

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posted on 9-2-2008 at 19:44 Reply With Quote
The same guys have been at it for years, If Im bored I quite often write back just for fun

Kite & SUP wales
Caravan decking wales

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