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Author: Subject: Newby! Need some advice/guidance please - kite & board size

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posted on 4-1-2012 at 10:59 Reply With Quote
Newby! Need some advice/guidance please - kite & board size

Hi guys/girls

I'm very excited about starting to kitesurfing as soon as possible. I reside in London and plan to start kitesurfing on the South coast of England but also later on East coast of South Africa near Port Elizabeth, where I'm orginally from.

I'd be happy to just start with the 'usual' bidirectional board and later get a surfboard-like board.

I am 100kg and 1.94m. I would like to know what size kite and type (bow,hybrid,c shape) I'd need. A friend of mine started on the apparently more difficult C-Kite type rather than a bow, he said it was tough going but he got there in the end, is it worth doing this or rather go for bow /hybrid type. So far it seems that a 14m and a 10m size kite may be what I need???

On the board size I gather 140cm upwards by 40cm will be okay for me...does this sound right?

I'll be happy to just cruise around and leave the tricks etc for a couple of months before trying anything.

I saw this kite on Ebay, any opinions:
14 meter best hp nemisis kitesurfing kite. />

As mentioned any other advice will also be greatly appreciated.


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posted on 4-1-2012 at 19:09 Reply With Quote
Hi Corn?©

Forget c kites, go with bows, much safer and easier.

Kite sizes and board size you mentioned all sounds good, though you probably want to start with a 10m.

Nemesis is more high aspect, you would be better with lower aspect, such as a best waroo. Lots of other similar kites out there and lots of people will suggest something just because they've got one for sale, be careful!

Good luck

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posted on 1-2-2012 at 12:52 Reply With Quote

Hi Corn?©,

Well I dont have anything to sell, but i can offer my advice as I am 95kg and 189cm so nearly as big as you.

To be honest if you want to get out as often as you would like then you will need a larger kite than 10m.

I have 7,9,11,15 and 17m best waroo's and the two I get most use from are the 15m and 11m.

With our weight we just need more wind or more kite area to get us going at any decent rate.

Certainly go with a bow and avoid a "C" whilst you are beginning.

Also, the largest board you can find, I have the Nobile 666EXT and though it can be like a kitchen table top at times it does get me out on the water more often than not.


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posted on 15-12-2012 at 13:29 Reply With Quote
Hey man have you started kiting eventually? Found a good deal for your gears?
Pretty cold season now to enjoy your time in the water in UK..what about spending some quality time riding and relaxing on the coasts of Red Sea? Perfect spot with both flat and shallow water lagoon and waves in Dahab, just one hour from Sharm el Sheik! I'm hanging out here for the winter as I'm addicted to sun and wind A cosy and woody kite station called Happy Kite welcomes you right on the beach, where you can chill after session and meet other international riders! Hang loose!

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